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Bob's Star Wars Room Displays - how I did it

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The bookshelves you see are from Ikea.  The middle one is a BON model and the two on either end are BILLY.  I used all glass shelving available through Ikea.  The whole unit from Ikea was just under $1000.  Nice thing is you can buy it in pieces and gradually build your display

The figures are standing on acrylic steps bought from Bed Bath & Beyond.  It is made by US Acrylic and is a kitchen cabinet organizer.  The depth of the organizer was perfect, it allowed for an extra row of figures to stand on the glass shelf as seen in the picture.  The width of the BILLY shelves are 30", the acrylic organizer comes in 18" widths standard.  So I took the organizers to my local specialty plastics store and had them cut 3" off each one.  Now two organizers fit perfectly on each glass shelf - you can see the joint in the picture above.  Overall I was very pleased how this turned out.  Each organizer cost $9.99 and the shop charged me $1 each to cut them down.

As you can see all the tall bookcases have doors to protect the figures from dust and my 6 nephews and daughter (all under age 6).  What I use is called 'Tot-lock' which is available from Babies R Us, Home Depot, etc.  Its an invisible child lock that uses a magnetic key to unlock the device.  These are great since you don't have an outwardly visible lock, I keep the key up high and even if they get their hands on the key it takes some knowledge to use it.  I've pictured the device in both the locked and unlocked mode, you simply place the key on the outside of the door and it unlocks.  One added benefit is that little red handle you see in the picture.  This lets the unit remain unlocked if you desire, this way when the kids aren't around or you are changing displays you just flip the red handle and it remains unlocked until you flip the handle back.  Cost $10 for a set of two locks plus key, or $12 for a set of four locks.

PS:  These are great as regular child locks - we use them in the kitchen primarily because our daughter would pull the plastic locks right off.  These are quick to unlatch, easy to install and look great.  No I don't get a commission if you buy these locks :)

Here is the way I hang the carded figures (in Star Cases) on the wall, shown is the modern figures but the vintage figures are hung the same way.  Now for some close-ups

Its a 'track' system that allows for the Star Cases to slide in and out.  Basically the top and bottom pieces are 'paneling endcaps' and the middle piece is a 'paneling joiner' available at Home Depot, Lowes or other home improvement type store.  The ones I use are 'almond' but they come in a small assortment of colors.  Each piece was 8 ft in length and can easily be cut with scissors or a knife.  I used nails to secure the 'track' to the wall through the lip piece.  No drilling, painting, etc required.  Very easy and very convenient.  Each piece was 8 ft in length and cost $1.97.

Here are some more even closer closeups

Top 'track'

Middle 'track'

Bottom 'track'

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