Welcome to
Bob's Star Wars Room

(updated 1/12/08)

This is the main display area.  Here are close-ups of the various sections, click for a larger picture.

Mini Luke Jedi Shrine - part 2

Mini Luke Jedi Shrine

Vintage boxed items

Vintage boxed items

Luke Jedi displaycase

Vintage Luke Jedi figures - loose

Prequel Figures

Cabinet 1 top

Cabinet 2 top

Cabinet 2 bottom

DCSWCC member!

OTC figures

Vintage figures

Vintage figures - 1 shelf

Vintage figures - close up

Modern OTC

More modern figs

More modern figs (part 2)

Cabinet 5 bottom

Ewok attack

MR Replica collection

Proof cards

MAME cabinet

Right side of room

Cable original


Hallway left side

Hallway right side

Here is the wall with the TV and carded collection.

Closeup of the top of the TV

Carded Luke Jedi collection

Other corner of the room (slightly out of date)

Original Luke Jedi art used by Kenner

Luke Jedi carded collection - modern

Box flats, unproduced and produced for the Desert Sail Skiff ( aka One-Man Sail Skiff)


If you are interested in the pieces/parts of the displays and how I keep the stuff safe from my 6 nephews, daughter and son click here.

If you have any questions or want to see larger more detailed pictures, please email me at gizmo91geo@hotmail.com